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Kids Martial Arts Murrieta

Our kids started with Master Rick when they were very young. We have recently returned, with two boys enrolled. It is the best thing we have done for our oldest son. His confidence is better and he is completely enthusiastic about learning. I was so impressed that I joined myself!! I find myself anticipating our next class!! Love the skill, love the people! A very safe and positive experience!!! It is a family thing now and we just need to get dad onboard!!!!

Lori Koebler

Kids Martial Arts Murrieta

Master Rick and his team of quality instructors are second to none. I have both of my boys there for kids karate, my daughter will start hopketo in a few weeks, and I am in the Jui Jitsu class. Family oriented at an affordable price. I will be here with my family for years to come.

Jerry Black

Kids Martial Arts Murrieta

We were very excited to attend our first kid class today. The owner and staff were welcoming, knowledgeable, and made my child feel right at home. Can’t wait to continue our lessons, and look forward to a great rewarding year in Karate.

Sonseeahray Brigham

Kids Martial Arts Murrieta

Great place to learn self defense and being responsible... our son value the importance being present in every session. Master Rick and the other teachers are so generous of sharing their time and what they've learned from the years of training they had.

Maricor Ortega Paraan

Kids Martial Arts Murrieta

This place is the best! Master Rick and his team of instructors are friendly, patient and knowledgeable. I especially appreciate how they back up their instruction with history and reasoning for the techniques they're demonstrating. It's clear to see these guys truly care about what they are teaching as well as passing on that information to their students. There are so many karate/ martial arts training facilities in the area but there's a sense of comfort that comes from the welcoming atmosphere South West Self Defense Systems conveys. I wouldn't dream of training anywhere else!

Sharon McCullagh

Kids Martial Arts Murrieta

In the time that I have trained here, I learned how to defend myself and loved ones and am confident in my ability to do so. I look forward to learning so much more as the years go on. If you are looking for a place to learn self defense, this is the place to go. Everyone is friendly and outgoing, it is somewhat like becoming part of a family. I really enjoy attending class every week and learning something new.

Joey Harding

Kids Martial Arts Murrieta

I first signed up to just take Jiu Jitsu and ended up really enjoying it, after watching the hapkido class I thought it would be a good idea to try a class to gain some self defense. With months of hard work I now have two white stripes on my white belt in jiu jitsu and a yellow belt in hapkido I feel confident in defending myself physically and verbally now. I also signed up for the online security course to be able to get my guard card, after that I took the firearms course a day in the classroom reviewing safety and scenarios on day two we went to a shooting range to practice holstering your weapon and practice shooting. Overall this class has changed me mentally and physically, I highly recommend any course Master Rick offers.

Frank White

Kids Martial Arts Murrieta

I've gained skills I hope I never have to use. Master Rick is a patient, goal oriented instructor with many years of experience. Men, women & children of all ages and levels can train in this fun & friendly environment. Definitely a cut above all the rest.

Roger Beatty

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